Bear hunts and bug hotels

Happy New Year!

We have just had our first session of the new year  and, I’m delighted to say that it was absolutely fantastic fun. It was so great to see the kids happily running around, reaffirming friendships and re-establishing their boundaries in a familiar place.

Everyone seemed to have come back a little more confident and a little bolder. Maybe it was the excitement and the beautiful, crisp weather. Either way, they all had a blast!

We kicked off with a bear hunt.


We’re going on a bear hunt!


Hoo Woo! Hoo Woo!



What could live here?

Next, we enjoyed cake made by Maggie-Rose, washed down with some milk.


Before making some super-cool bug hotels out of left over Christmas boxes and bamboo.

We even found time for an impromptu leaf fight!


It was so great to see every one of these wonderful, vibrant individuals today.

If you’d like to get your child involved, why not drop me a line and we’ll get you signed up.


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