If you are looking for a birthday party that is a little bit different and a big bit fun, you can’t go wrong with a forest school party.

For £100 you get 2.5 hours of fun woodland activities for up to 10 guests*.

Your party will be tailored to your preferences, with activities reflecting your child’s specific interests.

Some examples may be:

A Gruffalo themed party with activities based on the story “The Gruffalo” such as: making woodpile houses, Gruffalo clay tree faces, natural pictures, Gruffalo games and marshmallows on a camp fire.

A mystical woodland party with activities centred around the myths and legends of the fair folk such as: stories and history of the faeries, making faery passports, woodland exploration, and marshmallows/popcorn cooked on a campfire.

A survivalist party**: Shelter building, finding water, basic foraging***, basic tool use, some knot work, making fire and toasting marshmallows/making popcorn.

This list is in no way exhaustive but should demonstrate the wide scope in themes that are possible.

Does this sound like the sort of thing you’d love to get involved in for your child’s party? (Or even something for yourself?) Why not get in contact and we’ll work something out.


*Larger numbers can be accommodated, subject to negotiation
** age 10+
***Certain times of the year